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Dedicated to the performers whose job it is to be ready to jump into a role (often many) whenever needed, often last minute. This website is not meant to discourage patrons from attending shows in which an understudy is performing, but rather to allow fans the opportunity of seeing what may be a once in a lifetime performance. So join us in a tribute to Broadway's hardest working actors, and catch an understudy at a theater near you!

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"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" from BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROL KING MUSICAL sung by Rebecca LaChance (Carol u/s) at Broadway in Chicago. 8/18/2014

SO many fantastic Broadway understudies performed yesterday at Broadway in Chicago, to promote upcoming national tours of their productions!

Congrats Andy! We are so thrilled for you.

Throwing it back to this past Sunday today! Have you seen the pictures from the First Annual Broadway Understudies Party on our Facebook yet?! So many great current and former understudies came out to celebrate! Check them out!

From top left: KINKY BOOTS’ Nicola u/s Anna Eilinsfeld, Lauren u/s Lauren Chapman, Trish/Pat cover Adinah Alexander, and swing Abby Mueller; HEDWIG’s Yitzhak u/s Shannon Conley & ONCE’s Guy cover J. Michael Zygo; CINDERELLA’s Charlotte/Gabrielle u/s Kendal Hartse, our own Shoshana Feinstein, PIPPIN’s Sam Lips, and BULLETS OVER BROADWAY’s swings Jonalyn Saxler and Dan Horn; BOOK OF MORMON’s Elder Price standby KJ Hippensteel, our own Shoshana Feinstein, and former Elder Price standby Nic Rouleau.

Check out Betsy Morgan & Adam Monley, Fantine and Javert understudies (respectively), at Broadway in Bryant Park earlier today!


Billy Tighe (of PIPPIN) | “Maria” from WEST SIDE STORY | Half Hour 4

Did you like that performance? Then rush over to the Music Box tonight! Billy will be on as Pippin!

Reblogging ourselves to say a big congratulations to Billy Tighe, who will take over as Elder Price in the London production of BOOK OF MORMON! Taking over as Elder Cunningham is A.J. Holmes, former Cunningham standby on Broadway and on tour!

Congrats boys!


Paige Faure on stepping into CINDERELLA's glass slippers, her LES MIZ love & being a DANCE MOMS kid

From understudy to full-time! And a recent Ellen cover in BULLETS OVER BROADWAY.

A mashup of two of our favorite shows! ONCE Guy cover J. Michael Zygo (who has performed at our understudy concerts) tackles “It All Fades Away” from the late THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY. 

A huge part of understudying is imagining someone in a role different from what they usually play. We wish BRIDGES was still open so maybe J. Michael could’ve had a shot at playing (or even understudying) Robert down the line!

Pumped for the gorgeous Melissa O’Neil to go on as Fantine in LES MISERABLES tonight and tomorrow’s matinee!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you know when anyone on the cast of Les Mis on bway has their off day?
broadwayunderstudies broadwayunderstudies Said:

We do know that Melissa O’Neil is on as Fantine today and tomorrow’s matinee (July 8th and 9th). She’s also scheduled as Eponine July 23rd (matinee) through 27th.

In addition, an understudy always plays Jean Valjean on Thursdays. Nathaniel Hackmann will be on this week, Aaron Walpole will be on next.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you know what days Jessie Mueller and Anika Larsen are off in beautiful? I would love to see their understudies :D
broadwayunderstudies broadwayunderstudies Said:

Jessie had a scheduled vacation about a month or so ago, and has no other dates as of yet. We’ll definitely let you know!